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OHFA 4 Teachers

OHFA 4 Teachers

OHFA Advantage

Current OHFA Advantage Interest RatesOHFA Advantage offers 30 year, fixed rate, low interest home loans with 3.5% down payment assistance to homebuyers, statewide.Three products are available for eligible homebuyers to purchase any new or existing home: 1st Gold (most homebuyers), OHFA Shield (Police Officers & Fire Fighters) and OHFA 4Teachers (Educators).To qualify for OHFA Advantage (state bond money), contact a participating lender. Homebuyers must meet income, purchase price and credit score guidelines. To view the maximum income limits, visit the resource link on the right. The maximum purchase price is $214,925 and a minimum credit score of 640. For more information, call the Homebuyer Hotline at 1-888-937-1122 or visit

 If you are planning on buying a home then this would be a good thing to check in to. I would be glad to help you find the home of  your dreams.

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